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Success Stories

Success is the result of small victories taken one step at a time. Series of small wins of interesting individuals that add up and their stories are worth reading.

Dave Racimo Is A Vlogger You Should Check Out

Dave Racimo is a vlogger you should check out

DAR Vlogs by Dave Racimo is gaining views and followers. His contents are raw yet authentic. And if you watch …

Bagong Mundo Here’s To A Better World

Bagong Mundo – Here’s to a better world

The song “Bagong Mundo” comes at the time when the pandemic is at its worst and hitting the world.  It …

Digital Marketing With Caresse Acera (9)

Digital Marketing with Caresse Acera-Oclarino

It’s no secret that companies and small businesses are incorporating digital marketing into their continuity plans to stay afloat during …

49 Music Artistsbands Unite For Musikang Lokal (2)

49 music artists/bands unite for Musikang Lokal

One of those hit hard by this pandemic is the music industry. With people prevented from going out, so follows …

Winrich Adarlo Evolves To Make An Impact

Winrich Adarlo evolves to make an impact

Winrich Adarlo is an artist from Romblon.  That’s not all – this singer-songwriter has a degree in finance and accounting, …

Musikang Lokal Unites Artists To Spread Hope (1)

Musikang Lokal unites artists to spread hope

The music scene has become active once again with the rise of online gigs. Though it is saddening that the …

Allstars 2 The Music Of Raven, Prince, And Polo (5)

AllStars 2: The music of Prince, Raven, and Polo

Mendira is excited to feature promising artists.  We have been connecting to as many coming from all across the country …

Ae Fabella Deoso The Fierceness Of ‘a.e The Lofi’ (7)

AE Fabella Deoso: The Fierceness of ‘A.E the Lofi’

“Masaya maging rakista at rapper”.  These words from AE Fabella Deoso, a music artist from San Andres, Romblon. She is …

Adventure To Freelance Writing With Mother Ant

Adventure to freelance writing with Mother Ant

Mother Ant is one of our biggest influencers on social media. In real life, she is Charlyn June Fadchal Awing …

The Art Of Allen Inocencio (1)

The Art of Allen Inocencio

Allen Inocencio is among the exciting illustrators of his generation, coming from a family of artists. “Bata pa lang ay …

Junriel Kokoy Fortuito Weaves Artistry In His Poetic Craft (1)

Junriel Kokoy Fortuito weaves artistry in his poetic craft

Junriel Kokoy Fortuito has written numerous poetic pieces that brought the art closer to his generation.  His “obras” are being …

All Stars Kelsie, Elli, Yunis, Eliza Warren, Haruki And Dan

All Stars: Kelsie, Elli, Yunis, Eliza, Warren, Haruki and Dan

These young artists are born to make music.  Creativity takes a turn through their cover videos. Featuring our promising artists …