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Porti Discovers His Music Through “magliman” (4)

Porti discovers his music through “Magliman”

It started with a casual greeting. “Hi, I’m Porti aka ‘Tiports’”. It is ear catching alright, for a young artist …

Winrich Adarlo Evolves To Make An Impact

Winrich Adarlo evolves to make an impact

Winrich Adarlo is an artist from Romblon.  That’s not all – this singer-songwriter has a degree in finance and accounting, …

Rappers Joshua Basilides And Marwen Yamada As Yashé

Rappers Joshua Basilides and Marwen Yamada as Yashé

Rap duo Joshua Basilides, 20 and Marwen Yamada, 21 are from Las Piñas City. Together, they are known as Yashé. …

Jericho Huntarigo (aka Rapper Roskva Moller) Makes The Headlines

Jericho Huntarigo (aka Rapper Roskva Moller) makes the headlines

Jericho Huntarigo aka Roskva Moller is a 22-year old rapper from Payatas, Quezon City. He uses his storytelling skill to …

Allstars 2 The Music Of Raven, Prince, And Polo (5)

AllStars 2: The music of Prince, Raven, and Polo

Mendira is excited to feature promising artists.  We have been connecting to as many coming from all across the country …

In Between Band Their Music Breathes Life (15)

IN BETWEEN BAND – Their music breathes life

Now is an exciting time to be the music industry.  Some artists are just getting started… and then we have …

Dan Matthew Redondo Spreads Positive Vibe!

Dan Matthew Redondo spreads positive vibe!

Dan Matthew Redondo is a young music artist constantly bringing positivity into the lives of others. On social media, he …

All Stars Kelsie, Elli, Yunis, Eliza Warren, Haruki And Dan

All Stars: Kelsie, Elli, Yunis, Eliza, Warren, Haruki and Dan

These young artists are born to make music.  Creativity takes a turn through their cover videos. Featuring our promising artists …

Warren Garcia Is Winning Hearts 5

Warren Garcia is winning hearts

Warren Garcia undoubtedly has a natural charisma and incredible talent to build showbiz, err.. singing career. He uses his voice …