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Digital Marketing with Caresse Acera-Oclarino


It’s no secret that companies and small businesses are incorporating digital marketing into their continuity plans to stay afloat during these challenging times. Digital entrepreneur and journ lecturer  Caresse Acera-Oclarino assists businesses strategize their way into the digital universe.

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“I am sharing my knowledge, skill and teaching strategies for those who want to succeed in life. I also help empower women into managing their own business”, says Caresse.

“A reality check about life – it is not about the amount of money you have in the bank, nor how far you’ve reached or achieved your goals.  It’s not even about how successful you are right now.  But on how much you have contributed to the community and willingness to help others.”

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Caresse has been part of the media for a decade and active on various radio programs. Now, she is balancing her time as a wife, newbie mom, media practitioner, and a digital marketeer.  “I want to help others to become digipreneur, too.  On how they can further grow their business through social media and to achieved their goals in life.  To turn their passion into realities.  To be experts in maneuvering their business in this digital age at the advent of the new normal.”

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Those who want to learn more about Digital Marketing may contact Caresse by sending her a message through Mendira or her social media platforms.  By the way, she is part of the Mendira team who helps promote artists through radio and podcast. Also, she co-anchors a podcast with Bro Bear on ‘BroBear Live’ on FB Live every Tuesday & Thursday at 6:00 PM.  God willing, Caresse may soon take the helm of the Mendira Channel.

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Visit her social media platforms:

FB: Aureine Caresse

IG: @Chinesebarbie

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Aureine Caresse Acera

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