Our life’s slice of success

“Success abundantly shines on everyone.” At Mendira, this is our belief. We tell real stories of ordinary people with extraordinary determination and power in pursuing their dreams.  Hence, our slogan – “life’s slice of success”.

Since its conception on December 12, 2018, we have been featuring relatable narratives.  It started with a clean canvass of white that slowly breathed colors through a blog site founded by journalist VP Ragus and digital artist Phlazarus aptly named Mendira.net which is pleasantly sounding and has an easy recall.

VP Ragus, with an impressive two decades of frontline career in Marketing, and  Phlazarus, an expert graphic designer, dynamically built on Facebook and website blogs outside their respective daytime jobs. Together, they forged a breakthrough earning 1,000 followers in just a few months. The blogsite was then redesigned in March 2020 for a more energetic vibe.

In 2019, Mendira’s business landscape grew wider as Events Professional and Social Media Consultant Cee Marquez, and Radio Personality and Campus Journalism Lecturer Caresse Acera joined the team to impart their expertise assuring its clients that Mendira now operates on a broader latitude.

The blogsite has been excellently performing, being DTI registered on November 12, 2019, under its official name, Mendira Media Production.  And yes, we are bracing for more exciting things to come!

Our iconic M

Logo Story Iconic M Mendira.net

We envisioned the Mendira logo to go beyond the aesthetics but be commercially appealing.  The first logo was for the blog site in playful swish and twirls, hued in balanced proportions of gold and purple. This later evolved into a more relaxed and interlocking M + M + P in bolder orange, gold, and black tones to define Mendira Media Production.


Mmp Logo Explanation 01


We’re featuring success stories!
We continue to creatively work on ideas and while doing so still provide our growing blog followers surprises aplenty. Your success story will inspire others to go forward and celebrate life.


We’re going multi-label!
Mendira is driven to create a big chain, thus, we are paving the way for a series of services to include event management, talent artist management, and a clothing line production, to be launched anytime soon.

Meet Our Team

Paul Vic Avatar

VP Ragus

Founder, Professional Writer. Seasoned Editor. Integrated Marketing Communications Expert. Beer Drinker.

Caresse Acera

Caresse Acera

Communication Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Tech Savvy, Food Enthusiast, Wanderer & Traveler

Cee Marquez

Cee Marquez

Corporate Communications Professional; Digital Content Strategist; Shumai Lover

King Bon Avatar

King Bon Racimo

Co-Founder, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Computer Savvy, Lorem ipsum dolor