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Chronicler Of Visions By Marcus Bustarde (1)

Chronicler of Visions by Marcus Bustarde

It started with a photography page on Facebook until slowly becoming a business idea. This start-up business, Chronicler of Visions, …

The Art Of Allen Inocencio (1)

The Art of Allen Inocencio

Allen Inocencio is among the exciting illustrators of his generation, coming from a family of artists. “Bata pa lang ay …

Junriel Kokoy Fortuito Weaves Artistry In His Poetic Craft (1)

Junriel Kokoy Fortuito weaves artistry in his poetic craft

Junriel Kokoy Fortuito has written numerous poetic pieces that brought the art closer to his generation.  His “obras” are being …

Phlazarus The Masked Man Of Graphic Designs (1)

PHLAZARUS -The Masked Man Of Graphic Designs

The brains behind the creative digital and graphic designs for is PHLAZARUS.  He is a young man whose identity is …