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Bands, singers, indie artists, performers who dream big and hurdling the challenges of the music industry. Their road to stardom is inspiring!

Sync O Deserves To Be Heard

Sync-O deserves to be heard

“Kumapit Ka Lang”, a debut single by Sync-O is simply “para sa lahat ng mga magpartner na laging nagkakatampuhan at …

Porti Discovers His Music Through “magliman” (4)

Porti discovers his music through “Magliman”

It started with a casual greeting. “Hi, I’m Porti aka ‘Tiports’”. It is ear catching alright, for a young artist …

How To Be You, Prince Umali (5)

How to be you, Prince Umali?

Young music artist Prince Umali has been featured several times on Mendira, including his own compositions and self-made videos. This …

49 Music Artistsbands Unite For Musikang Lokal (2)

49 music artists/bands unite for Musikang Lokal

One of those hit hard by this pandemic is the music industry. With people prevented from going out, so follows …

Mark Macaspac Making His Music Relevant On Social Media

Mark Macaspac – Making his music relevant on social media

Having an online presence is most important nowadays, in which music artist Mark Macaspac has quite a selection of contents …

Hindsight Trekking Rough Roads To Pursue Success

HINDSIGHT: Trekking rough roads to pursue success

Young aspiring artists and bands are the future of the music industry.  At an early stage, they are overcoming challenges …

Putting The Spotlight On Jeysi (4)

Putting the spotlight on Jeysi

Jhon Christoper Reyes is a rap artist to watch this 2020, as he is carving a name for himself as …

Carlos Paolo Villamater The Heart Of An Artist (1)

Carlos Paolo Villamater – The heart of an artist

It takes a lot of experience to build a solid career in the music industry. And there are those who …

Haruki Matsuo A Drummer Creating Music On Social Media (9)

Haruki Matsuo – A drummer creating music on social media

This is not the first time drummer Haruki Matsuo is featured.  Months ago, this young man was introduced by Mendira …

Allstars3 Fatima, Dani, And Ae Heroines Of Music Teaser

AllStars 3: Fatima, Dani, and AE

Three young ladies have the strong qualities of an empowered artist.  They are not defined nor dictated by the perception …

The Fast Rising Marc Dickson Ramos (1)

The fast-rising Marc Dickson Ramos

Marc Dickson Ramos is among the talented music artists to watch this 2020.  Given that this homegrown talent from Laguna …

Musikang Lokal Unites Artists To Spread Hope (1)

Musikang Lokal unites artists to spread hope

The music scene has become active once again with the rise of online gigs. Though it is saddening that the …