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PHLAZARUS -The Masked Man Of Graphic Designs


The brains behind the creative digital and graphic designs for is PHLAZARUS.  He is a young man whose identity is kept hidden by a Guy Fawkes mask, the infamous insurgent who tried to blow up the British Parliament in 1605. Just like the rebel who symbolizes resistance and whose mask became more popular by the film V for Vendetta, the art of Phlazarus are stylized pieces of design that aims not to please but to give his clients the “wow” factor.

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Phlazarus hides behind his mask for now.  Wanting to separate his persona from that of the artist that he is and a country boy at heart.  This young man is a Bachelor of Science in Information System graduate, a freelance web developer and graphic designer who regularly collaborates with creative professionals.  For web development, he uses HTMLS and PHP (Laravel Framework) from scratch/template. While WordPress is utilized for developing blogs, portfolio and ecommerce via custom design.  When his clients ask for poster and brochure designs, he uses the ever reliable InDesign and Photoshop with great skill.

Phlazarus co-founded the blog site in December 2018, along with seasoned writers and social media strategists who aim to tell stories of “life’s slice of success”.  Should his skills will be needed for a job, then he can be contacted through or a private message be sent through his Messenger. He also considers working for a good company when the right opportunity knocks on his door. His options are open and he can be an additional asset to future employers seeking a good, well-mannered graphic artist.

We are featuring his designs as we hail our King of Design and Visuals!

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For inquiries please message his Facebook page ????????????????????????????????????! Thank You!

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