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ORDER NI MAKOY BAND Unleashes Potential


Good things are shaping up for a band called Order ni Makoy, which career kicked off only last July 15, 2018.  Its band members each have star potentials comprise of vocalist Jhake Tamaray, lead guitarist Michael Malana, bass guitarist Orlando Mark Ayeras, and drummer Giovanni Marasigan.

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The band’s name is unique, which they say “just popped from nowhere at the last minute” two hours before a show. The name Order ni Makoy struck luck with easy recall.  The band is now becoming a byword to their target audience. They play variety of music regardless of style and genre, mostly are those which people can relate to and sing with.
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Their gigs are mostly held in schools being invited regularly for special events.  The recent Balut sa Puti Festival in Pateros was their first time to test the warm waters of band competition.  They left the judges impressed because of the conscious effort to compete with the best and most seasoned bands.

Being neophytes in the music scene, they are still to establish a name in the local scene.  And young as they are, they have the luxury of time to still evolve and artistically grow. We’re keeping an eye on this band and with fingers crossed, they will just strike an anthemic hit or a blockbuster album in no time.


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