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SECTION 3 BAND Is Insanely The Best


Section 3 Band is a three-man team formed in 2016, taking its name from three rhythm sections. The band is composed of Shimm Ian Gravamen on drums and vocals, Lesther Adrian Calado on bass and backing vocals, and Royd Alcantara on guitar and backing vocals.

In tapping the creative side, their performances are all beautifully staged. The band started initially as an old-school variety band having then a stand-up vocalist. Then slowly evolved to their signature classic rock – the “pinoy rock en roll”.

As they slowly but surely stream their way into the music scene, Section 3’s ticket to fame is by joining and winning battle of the band competitions in as many cities and provinces. Though they still feel the need to prove on what they can do together, they continue collecting trophies and awards.

In their attack mode on stage — they jump, roll, and show off their perfected tricks. It shouldn’t be too surprising if they are favored heavily by the crowd and create the greatest buzz in the competition.

Regular gigs can however wait as each being busy with their respective jobs.  Nevertheless, the band members have the power to innovate their stage presence at any given time.  Though they cannot commit to sign up for gigs, they surely leave a lasting impression with their superiority.  These guys can easily turn the competition into a super party.

VP Ragus

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