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We’re into a treat with his music videos. Ken Liwanag is a 29 year old singer, who is into alternative/pop rock.  His genre is best described as a style of music distinct from that of mainstream.  Ken also has a growing number of followers over his YouTube channel where songs like Walang Kataposna, Walang Tayo Song, Paano ba Masaktan, Bituin, and more are uploaded.

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Ken aims to inspire other artists and those who are passionate of their craft to do what they do best – to just focus and aim for their dream. As for the songs he composes and sings, these dwell on human emotions and yet sees the humor and positive side of heartbreaking situations.  The lyrics of his songs render powerful messages, but one needs to have an open mind to fully appreciate.

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Ken knows his strengths, as well as limitations.  He recognizes that the range of his voice may not actually be suited for singing contests, nor does he have the professional skill to play the guitar or drums.  But he attributes his special talents – all his compositions and ability to sing are for the glory of God. “I could not do nor finish my compositions without His guidance. I always ask God for wisdom, for nothing is impossible with the Lord”, say Ken. This does not come as a surprise as he is a proud Christian and a Church youth leader.  But then again, perhaps Ken needs to realize that his unique voice makes him stand out in a sea of male singers, while his presence is quite commanding and ready for stardom.

Should he be given a chance to fully penetrate the country’s music industry, he sees other possible opportunities and be able to fulfill other ambitions like “to be an action star perhaps”, Ken muses. But seriously, he aspires to be able to sing once more at Wish 107.5 Bus, or to do more television or radio guestings. And for his band to record his first single “Walang Tayo Song”, being optimistic that before the year ends, he will be able to release his first EP on Spotify and other range of music distribution platforms.

As he makes a name for himself, renders full support to Ken Liwanag.  Who knows, one day soon – we’ll  be seeing him as a hitmaker and on top of the Billboard Philippines Chart.

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