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Irene Singson Matias bakes dream cakes


CUSTOM CAKES by IRENE recently gained praises from netizens online for the revel bars sent for medical practitioners and staff of UERM Hospital who were on duty during the Covid pandemic crisis. These were the oatmeal and dark chocolate varieties freshly baked by Irene Singson Matias.

“My take on creating something delicious aside from the basics like following the recipes spot-on, I think it’s more on the attitude of the baker while making their goodies.  One must be in a very good place, with right attitude, and always add LOVE in everything that you bake”, says Irene.

She started making revel bars, lemon squares, and cookies at age 14.  Later on, she ventured on baking cupcakes with fondant but limited her pastries for family and close friends. Finally, she decided to expand network and put up the business of ‘Custom Cakes by Irene’.

“For those who’d want to start a business, well, you’ll have to think of something that you really enjoy doing.  Something that you are passionate about. Having a business is tough and will take up a lot of your time so you really need to be hands on for it to successfully grow.  If you’re passionate about your business, it won’t be difficult to manage because you love and enjoy what you’re doing.”

Today, Irene is kept busy by the growing number of orders for special occasions. “My cakes are unique because not only do my customers obtain the cake design that they desire with clean polished details, but they also get a moist yummy cake. Most clients reorder because of the taste of our cake… it’s sort of like a bonus for them.”

“Those who are interested in a customized cake, be it a birthday cake or cupcakes for a special someone, anniversary cakes, debut and wedding cakes, I’d be more than willing to work with you and make your dream cake and cupcakes come true.”

Irene also shares these tips for those venturing in the foodie business. “The essential element is to focus. You need to focus on your plans, keep those plans in your sight and drive yourself with perseverance. Start embracing digital marketing, because people are mostly online these days. Lastly, always be grateful, for your clients and the people that you work with.”

Irene’s pastries are products of her creative mind. “The detailed work of the design and the moist delicious taste of our cakes will remain the same, along with our competitive price. But we do have plans of marketing our old creations, like our revel bars and lemon squares. Also, to come out with new ones like cookies and caramel bars, and add some breads like cinnamon rolls.”

Aside from her simple yet elegant one-layer cake or the meticulously decorated tiered cake, Irene has satisfying best sellers like the classic confection of revel bars, cinnamon sugar donut holes, chocolate chip cookies, walnut brownies, and lemon squares.

Her cakes are made to order, so better to contact Irene in advance. “Just go to my Facebook page, Customize Cakes by Irene and shoot me a message or directly text me at 09193241677”. 

And yes, we’re ordering more treats from Irene and setting our sight on that Mobile Legend themed cake for our future vlog.

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