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G1979 Online Vape Shop Shares Secrets To Success


The vaping industry is getting to be more competitive, though still considered as new in the global market. Gary Hernandez is the owner of the online vape shop called G1979 and shares his secrets on how he makes his business a success.

  • Be an expert.  Gary studied his products and target market.  He knows as much as he could the basics and intricacies of vaping. This gives him a competitive advantage over other e-cigarette sellers.
  • Strengthen social media presence.  Gary estimates that most of his customers comprise of the internet savvy and the millennials with social media accounts.  Doing so eliminates the need to produce traditional flyers and posters. But here’s the catch – though Facebook offers to boost business advertisements, it does not allow ads promoting the use or sale of smoking and electronic cigarette products. As Facebook bans smoking-related advertisements, Gary in turn, utilizes other means to promote his products.
  • Be an innovative entrepreneur.  Gary does not have his own vape shop, as of the moment.  Instead, he rides his motorcycle for meet-ups. This works well on him.
  • Validate relationship. Photos are taken with his customers, enabling Gary to build on their trust.
  • Good customer service.  With numerous competition, it is always important that customers are satisfied and continue patronizing his products. To build strong connection, he engages with customers, answers their queries, and educates them on safe vaping.
  • Sell only quality items.  To maintain credibility, Gary makes sure that he sells only quality items of highest standard.  Based on his sales distribution, his vapes and batteries are genuine and safe. He also stocks on a variety of flavored juices which are integral to further boost his sales.
  • Maintain professional business partnership.  Gary goes directly to reliable partner suppliers to replenish his stocks, so he can sell his wares at the most reasonable prices.
  • Provide customer service.  Best efforts are made to ensure that after-sales are conducted and to check on other vape related needs of his customers.

Just as the trend in the vaping industry changes to meet the needs of consumers, Gary takes the extra mile to personalize his customers’ experiences and to exceed rising expectations.  This leaves them excited for their next purchase.

Those interested may send a private message to Gary Abila Hernandez or check on G1979. Please do “like” on Facebook and be part of our growing community.

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