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Exploring The Wonders Of Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, has countless of natural and commercial attractions. The country’s largest city is filled with traditional colonial architectures, breathtaking temples and mosques, spectacular modern towers, and gleaming skyscrapers.

No trip will be complete without taking photos or exploring its major attraction – the iconic 88-stories high Petronas Twin Towers.  The world’s tallest twin buildings has post modern architecture and Islamic designs. At night, the towers are fully lighted and stunningly gives an illusion of almost illuminating the sky.

The temples are worth visiting, having the most intricate architecture that showcases the diverse cultures of the country.  While these being places of place of worship, visitors can also walk on its vast grounds.

Explore nature’s wonders – the Batu caves, a magnificent 400 million-year old limestone hill with multiple caves within. There four main attractions: Temple Cave, Dark Cave, Ramayana Cave, and Cave Villa.

The Perdana Botanical Gardens is the most popular park in Kuala Lumpur with the largest collection of flower gardens and animal parks.  Its main attraction is a lake surrounded by a parkland. Proceed also to the Orchid Park, visit the aviaries at the Bird Park, then tour the  Butterfly Park, and Deer Park. These can be trekked by foot or take the shuttle buses. Other attractions are the Planetarium, the National Monument, and the Islamic Museum.

The Central Market, at the center of Pasar Seni, is a major shopping complex with outlets for handicrafts, souvenirs, arts, clothing, novelty items, and local delicacies.

While Chinatown is also a popular tourists destination.  Hands-down, this is paradise for bargain hunters. Their night market has hundreds of stalls offering goods at cheap prices.

As there are many sights to see, the food and tasty delicacies are must-tries. The Indian curry served on a banana leaf is made up of 4 vegetable dishes, rice and poppadums.  End the meal with refreshing coconut juice.

Another is the Nasi Kandar. A plate of plain rice mixed with a variety of toppings and array of sauces, with curried meat or seafood, and vegetables such as cabbage or lady fingers.

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