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A Journey To Fitness With Coach Mike Budol


Physical fitness is an important part of life. It is one of the most effective ways to get rid of stress. And it would be most helpful if a good workout routine is supervised by a professional fitness trainer who cares about their clients’ health.

A Journey To Fitness With Coach Mike Budol (2)

A physical fitness trainer is a professional who projects his own values to inspire clients to be health conscious. He motivates clients, pushes them to their limits, and makes them feel good about themselves.

Well… Coach Michael Budol fits the bill. He is a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness – a 24 hour gym in CyberPark Tower1, Araneta Center. Mike advocates physical fitness and proper exercise, and actively promotes healthy lifestyle.
A graduate of BS Sports Science in the University of Santo Tomas. Mike is relatively young for a coach, and going three years in the fitness industry. Impressively, he holds the trust of his clients for he walks them through their journey to good health.

A Journey To Fitness With Coach Mike Budol (1)

Regardless of age and gender, Mike treats his clients according to their needs and physical condition. In fact, he’s very empathic to his clients. He says “I make sure I understand the reason why they’re going to the gym so can I do my best to guide them through their fitness journey. I pay attention to details and make necessary adjustments when needed. I’m an open minded coach.”
True enough, Mike is among the sought after trainers at the Anytime Fitness gym. His specialties are fat loss and muscle gain, exercise rehab, kettlebell/athletic/functional trainings, and basic calisthenics. “I keep on striving to become a better coach by learning from experience, observation, and by continuing education. I want to give my clients the best results as possible.”

As for qualifications, Mike is a two-time gold, three-time silver, and one-time bronze medalist in powerlifting competitions. “I am competing in powerlifting. I’ve won multiple medals in my first two years in the sport.”

Mike also shares his fitness videos. One is the squats video which develops tremendously the lower body and strengthens the core which are beneficial during sports and daily living activities. He reminds to make sure that proper technique be executed and to use sufficient load to maximize gains. In this video is a 150 kg (330 lbs) barbell for 8 repetitions. He advises to start with lighter weights or other equipment such as dumbells and kettlebells if your not used to lifting barbells.

Another video shows Mike demonstrating the weighted sit-ups. This exercise develops the abdominal muscles and strengthens other essential muscles of the core. This benefits the hip flexors which is used for daily movements and many other physical activities.

And the high-intensity interval training workout such as jumping/skipping which is one of the best cario exercises to effectively burn calories and get rid of fats.

These are just some of the videos which Mike shared with Piece of advice though – always have time to exercise or otherwise, illness will find you. Training with Mike is not a walk in the park. An eye-candy that he is, Coach Michael Budol takes you seriously.

Coach Michael Budol is at Anytime Fitness Araneta Center, Cyberpark Tower1. We will have more of Coach Mike as he is part of the Mendira fitness family. And please do click “like” for feature and follow us on Facebook.

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